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  • 28
    wilted roses

    Wilted Roses Nominated for Best Video!

    After the release of their video for Wilted Roses, Snow Black was nominated for an award.

  • 08
    ebb and flo

    Our Debut EP is Out!

    A lot of long hours were put into our debut EP for your listening pleasure.

  • 20
    snow black shadows

    Snow Black is Born!

    After a plate of food, some chips and salsa and drink refills, we came up with Snow Black.

  • 06
    cellarz 93

    Our Last Gig as Ebb and Flo

    Justin, Mike, and Will had arrived early that evening for a gig at Cellarz 93...

The Band

Although the members of Snow Black are typically thought to be scholarly Jazz and Classical musicians, the trio took more of a humble approach to its own work. Embracing midwest Emo songwriting on the debut EP Ebb and Flow, the trio constantly incorporates Jazz improvisation, creating a truly unique sound to call their own. Born and raised in Southern California, founding members Will Rury (Drums) and J. Sherwood (Guitar/Vocals) were later joined by Mike Paternostro (Bass) from Staten Island, New York, forming the band as it is known today.

More About us

snow black

We Are Snow Black!

mike paternostro

Mike Paternostro - Bass/Vocals

Since Mike began playing the drums at the age of six, he has immersed himself in all things musical. Be it marching snare, theater groups, concert bands, rock, funk, ska, and jazz bands; he finally found his place with Snow Black.

will rury

Will Rury - Drums

Will began playing music at age seven in the elementary school orchestra, exposing him to the drum set, piano, music theory, and much more. For the past 17 years he has been fine tuning his musical skill, picking up influences from styles such as metal, classical, hiphop, bluegrass, funk, latin, and his all time favorite, jazz.

justin sherwood

Justin Sherwood - Guitar/Vocals

Although Sherwood (SureWould) is commonly known as a prolific hiphop producer and MC, he has always obsessed over his first love, jazz guitar. With inspirations ranging from Elliott Smith to Kurt Rosenwinkel, he holds a deep appreciation for singer-songwriters, and guitar virtuosos alike.

Our Albuns

snow black ebb and flo

Ebb and Flo

The debut EP from Southern California-based Snow Black, Ebb and Flo blends together their coloful jazz chords with reggae rhythms and rock riffs. Forged from late night gigs at night clubs all over the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire scene, the first compilation by Snow Black weaves hard-hitting lyrics into the band's melodic style..

  1. Intro 00:29
  2. Brother's Love 03:10
  3. Change 02:46
  4. Wilted Roses 03:15
  5. The Fighter 04:41


Purchase online at: ($3.00)




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